Fixed-Dose Hypertonic Saline Protocol for Symptomatic Hyponatremia


The neurologic sequelae of too rapid correction of hyponatremia, such as osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS), is a feared complication of treatment. Thus, physicians are often hesitant to use 3% hypertonic saline. A recent study published in AJKD describes the use of a fixed protocol of 3% saline for symptomatic hyponatremia. Study authors Drs. Juan Carlos […]

A New Nephrologic Syndrome: Acute Fellowship Insufficiency


Invited commentary by Dr. Warren Kupin The fallout from the nephrology fellowship match this year and its short and long-term consequences are becoming painfully clear to program directors as well as those of us in clinical practice. Fewer than 50% of programs filled their open positions, and some large academic programs did not match even […]

Nephrology Workforce Crisis: Don’t Forget International Medical Graduates (IMG)


The declining interest in our specialty among young physicians in the United States is a major concern for the nephrology community. Reasons for this lack of interest include nephrology being perceived as difficult, arduous, and un-inspiring with poor career prospects and reimbursement potential. All this is occurring in the context of an anticipated increased need […]

Podocyturia in Healthy Individuals Shows Markers of De-differentiation

Maestroni et al RL AJKD fig 2

The podocyte has emerged as the focus of intense investigation for kidney researchers. This cell is located at the key transition point in the glomerulus where the plasma is filtered through the basement membrane to enter the urinary space to begin the journey to become urine. Over the last 10 years, mutations in multiple genes […]

It’s Finally Here! The New US Kidney Allocation System


Today marks an exciting change in kidney transplantation. Although there have been adjustments to the kidney allocation system over the last 20 years, there has not been a major change. This is despite a growing waitlist and a shortage of organs. Allocation is currently driven predominantly by wait time rather than matching kidneys with appropriate […]

Acute Kidney Injury Following Cardiac Surgery: A Well-studied Cohort of AKI

Dr. John Pickering

Acute kidney injury (AKI) following cardiothoracic surgery has been well reported in the nephrology literature with numerous studies published in the last decade, although the definition of AKI was variable in many of these studies.  In a recent article published in AJKD, Pickering et al perform a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature to […]

Turning the Lens Inward: The 2014 AJKD Editorial Board Meeting


Each October, AJKD editorial office staff members crunch data on submissions, turnaround times, and bibliometrics to help the editors determine which aspects of the journal are working well and which need work. At Kidney Week, Editor-in-Chief Levey and Deputy Editor Weiner present the highlights to the journal’s editorial board—the 50+ Associate Editors, plus 10 Feature […]

Peritoneal Dialysis in Developing Countries


In the article entitled “Peritoneal Dialysis in China: Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Kidney Failure,” Yu et al describe the problematic aspects of ESRD coverage in China. It has been recognized that PD offers some advantages over hemodialysis (HD), and is non-inferior with respect to mortality. However, PD requires a multidisciplinary program and a team […]

Recap of eAJKD’s coverage of Kidney Week 2014


Check out all of the coverage of the American Society of Nephrology’s 2014 Kidney Week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by eAJKD’s Kenar Jhaveri, Edgar Lerma, Matt Sparks, Joel Topf, Craig Gordon, Magdalena Madero, Parmjeet Randhawa, Helbert Rondon, and AJKD In a Few Words Feature Editor Dena Rifkin: Social Media Spotlight The Kidney-Liver Service New Drug for Hyperkalemia Preserving Residual Kidney Function in ESRD […]

Kidney Week 2014: Boost Your Teaching Skills to Become a Contemporary Nephrology Educator


This was a well-attended session moderated by Drs. Kenar Jhaveri (eAJKD Blog Editor) and Laura Maursetter. Room 107 was filled to capacity and the organizers had to get an extra room to provide an On-Demand Session. The session started with Dr. Andrew Bomback (Columbia University) doing the “Masterclass: Teaching the Glomerular Diseases.” For the majority […]


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