Test Your Knowledge: Lupus Nephritis & Thrombotic Microangiopathy

El-Husseini et al AJKD Fig2b

In the January issue of AJKD, El-Husseini et al describe a case of lupus nephritis-associated thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA) that was successfully treated with eculizumab, a complement inhibitor. The following questions will test your knowledge on lupus nephritis and TMA. Post prepared by Dr. Sairah Sharif, Nephrology Fellow at Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, New York. For a […]

Test Your Knowledge: Interstitial Nephritis

Interstitial Nephritis TYK - Question 1

In a recent article published in AJKD, Muriithi et al report a large series of 133 patients who had biopsy-proven acute interstitial nephritis at a single center. The following questions will test your pathology knowledge on this topic. Post prepared by and all images courtesy of Tibor Nadasdy, MD, eAJKD Contributor and AJKD Kidney Biopsy […]

Test Your Knowledge: Anion Gap in Metabolic Acidosis


The serum anion gap is a common tool used in clinical practice. Recent advances have led to a new mnemonic GOLD MARK to differentiate the various causes of anion gap metabolic acidosis. A recent article in AJKD by Vichot and Rastegar discusses the use of anion gap in metabolic acidosis. The following questions will test […]

Test Your Knowledge: GFR Estimation


Understanding the principles of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) estimation is critical to clinical practice and research. A recent article by Levey et al in AJKD discusses the physiology of glomerular filtration, and the application of GFR estimation for clinical care and public health. The following questions will test your knowledge on this important topic: 1. […]

Test Your Knowledge: Bone Disease and CKD


Osteoporosis and fractures are common in chronic kidney disease (CKD). While the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis is similar in patients with CKD stages 1-3 as in patients without CKD, decisions differ greatly once patients reach stages 4 and 5. Little is known about treatment of osteoporosis and fractures in advanced CKD and ESRD. In […]

Test Your Knowledge: Acid-Base Disturbances in the Hemodialysis Patient


Abnormal bicarbonate levels in end-stage-renal disease (ESRD) patients are a treatment challenge. How and when to intervene has little or no evidence. In a recent article in AJKD, Drs. Lisawat and Gennari discuss correction of bicarbonate values in the ESRD patient. Test your knowledge with the following questions on this topic: 1. Which of the […]

Test Your Knowledge: Renal Replacement Therapy in Children

There is paucity of literature on dialysis in the pediatric population, especially on prescription and complications. Since renal replacement therapy in children requires specialized care, Sethi et al discuss these issues in a Core Curriculum published in AJKD.  The following questions based on the article will test your knowledge on this topic: 1. The typical […]

Test Your Knowledge: Proliferative Glomerulonephritis

Image E

Proliferative glomerulonephritis (GN) is defined as an increase in glomerular cellularity due to the influx of leukocytes and/or the proliferation of native cells. There are four major light microscopy patterns of proliferative GN – mesangial, endocapillary, membranoproliferative, and crescentic/necrotizing (extracapillary). Diagnosis requires the correlation of the injury pattern seen by light microscopy (LM) with the […]

Test Your Knowledge: Anti-GBM Disease

Anti–glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease is a devastating disease that leads to a rapidly progressive glomerular disease. Anti-GBM antibodies generally are of immunoglobulin G subclass 1 (IgG1), and in most cases can readily be detected in the circulation using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). A recent article in AJKD by Ohlsson et al report 4 cases in […]

Test Your Knowledge: Hemodialysis


Dialysis has evolved as we learn more about uremia. In addition, recent studies have answered some important questions regarding timing and duration of dialysis. Golper et al discuss hemodialysis in a Core Curriculum published by AJKD. The following questions will test your knowledge on this very important topic: 1. The per treatment Kt/V for short […]


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