Dr. Craig Gordon, eAJKD Contributor

Dr Craig Gordon

Dr. Craig Gordon is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Boston University Medical Center and the Nephrology Fellowship Program Director at Boston Medical Center. Dr. Gordon is a core faculty member and Robert Dawson Evans Educator for the Department of Medicine as well as the director of the Renal Module for the Disease and Therapy pathophysiology course for second year medical students at Boston University Medical Center. He underwent medical school training at New York University School of Medicine, completed residency training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and a clinical research Nephrology fellowship at Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Gordon completed the Rabkin Fellow at the Shapiro Institute of BIDMC where he developed a Medical Procedure Service as a quality improvement measure to reduce medical errors.

Dr. Gordon’s research interests include diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C virus in chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis patients, and transplant recipients as well as in procedural safety during kidney biopsies and other Nephrology and Internal Medicine procedures.

Top 10 eAJKD Posts From 2014

eAJKD Advisory Board member, Dr. Matt Sparks, gathered the top 10 eAJKD posts from 2014 (in reverse order): 10. Kidney Week 2014: New Drug for Hyperkalemia by Dr. Dena Rifkin 9. Welcome to Nephmadness 2014 by Drs. Matt Sparks, Joel Topf, Kenar Jhaveri, Warren Kupin, and Edgar Lerma 8. Recovery time from dialysis session? Does it Matter? by Dr. Veeraish Chauhan […]

Recap of eAJKD’s coverage of Kidney Week 2014


Check out all of the coverage of the American Society of Nephrology’s 2014 Kidney Week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by eAJKD’s Kenar Jhaveri, Edgar Lerma, Matt Sparks, Joel Topf, Craig Gordon, Magdalena Madero, Parmjeet Randhawa, Helbert Rondon, and AJKD In a Few Words Feature Editor Dena Rifkin: Social Media Spotlight The Kidney-Liver Service New Drug for Hyperkalemia Preserving Residual Kidney Function in ESRD […]

Kidney Week 2014: Preserving Residual Kidney Function in ESRD


In the Thursday November 13th session “Are We Missing the Achilles Heel in Hemodialysis Survival?”, Dr. Anthony Bleyer presented an interesting discussion of the measures that can used to preserve residual kidney function (RKF) in a talk entitled “It is Good to the Last Drop: How to Preserve Residual Kidney Function in ESRD Patients”.  Dr. […]

Lupus Nephritis: A 2014 Treatment Update


In the recent review “Lupus Nephritis: the Evolving Role of Novel Therapeutics” published in AJKD, Rovin and Parikh summarize the current understanding of the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis (LN) and review the novel agents under study for treatment of LN. The authors provide a useful construct for classifying the novel agents for LN by dividing […]

Recap of eAJKD’s coverage of Kidney Week 2013


Check out all of the coverage of the American Society of Nephrology’s 2013 Kidney Week in Atlanta, Georgia, by eAJKD’s Kenar Jhaveri, Joel Topf, Magdalena Madero, Craig Gordon, Helbert Rondon, and Isaac Stillman: KDIGO App — Past, Present and Future iChoose Kidney—a new shared decision tool for patients Communication Skills in Nephrology Fellows Antioxidant probucol […]

Kidney Week 2013: APOL1 and CKD progression in AASK and CRIC cohorts


APOL1 and CKD progression in AASK and CRIC cohorts African Americans comprise a much higher proportion of the end-stage renal disease population compared to the percentage in the general population.  The observation that patients with two risk alleles for apolipoprotin L1 (APOL1) are associated with ESRD associated with focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis, HIV associated nephropathy, […]

eAJKD’s Coverage of the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2013


For the second year, eAJKD will be providing coverage of selected research news and presentations from the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week. This year’s conference is in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 5-10. Drs. Kenar Jhaveri, Matt Sparks, Joel Topf, Abdo Asmar, Craig Gordon, Magdalena Madero, Helbert Rondon, Isaac Stillman, and Navdeep Tangri from the […]

Mortality and IgA Nephropathy

Knoop et al AJKD Fig 1

In the recent study “Mortality in Patients with IgA Nephropathy” published in AJKD, Knoop et al describe the clinical outcomes of patients diagnosed with IgA nephropathy (IgAN) on kidney biopsy in Norway. Although the excess mortality with chronic kidney disease (CKD) compared with the general population is well described, mortality data specific to IgAN are […]

Nephrectomy and CKD

In the recent study, “Patient and Caregiver Knowledge and Utilization of Partial Versus Radical Nephrectomy: Results of a National Kidney Foundation Survey to Assess Educational Needs of Kidney Cancer Patients and Caregivers,” published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Russo et al report the results of a survey conducted by the National Kidney Foundation. […]


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