Medicine 2.0 (2012): Web apps for medical education

7 brides for 7 brothers. Or 7 low/no-cost web apps to use in medical education.
Teresa Heithaus of North Shore-Long Island Jewish health system’s Staten Island University Hospital, NY gave a talk  on web applications that can be used for low or no cost.
Some of the tools she adapted from applications designed for K-12 education.
Here are 8 of the promised 7:
  1. <> for making quizzes and surveys. It also provides an online grade book.
  2. <> an audience response system that allows students to use their own smart phone, tablet or laptop. Very cool.
  3. <> offers free video conferencing. The free conferences have to be public. If you want to make the conferences private it costs $9-99/month
  4. <> is a website that allows the teacher to collect web resources for distribution as teaching resources. Pretty cool idea.
  5. Google Apps <> For Sites, YouTube, Blogger, docs, Google Drive)
  6. <> is a free PDF manager and reference manager.
  7. <> for making videos
  8. <> for making fresh pan and zoom presentations
Joel Topf, MD
eAJKD advisory board member

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  1. is also a good polling app. I have used it in many presentations and works well.

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