Kidney Week 2014: New Drug for Hyperkalemia

Do you like Kayexalate®? Do you like hyperkalemia? Do you like having to stop renin angiotensin system (RAAS) blockade in patients with diabetes because of hyperkalemia? If your answer to these questions is no, then help is on the way. A new drug, patiromer, is featured in posters today and tomorrow at ASN’s Kidney Week. Today’s poster session reported that when taken twice daily by mouth, patiromer significantly lowered the rate of hyperkalemia recurrence in patients with diabetes taking RAAS blockade. A long term antidote to hyperkalemia is something we all could use, especially when dealing with patients who are known to have a primary indication for RAAS blockade. Could a drug like patiromer even reopen the possibility of dual blockade? Stay tuned!

Post written by Dr. Dena Rifkin, Feature Editor of AJKD’s In a Few Words.

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