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    Acute lactic acidosis is associated with high morbidity and mortality. In a recent Teaching Case published in AJKD, Kraut and Madias discuss an interesting case of severe lactic acidosis in a patient with severe sepsis. Test your knowledge on lactic [read more...]
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    The utilization of peritoneal dialysis (PD) in the United States certainly lags behind other countries. As a result, our view of 30-day hospital readmission rates with respect to in-center hemodialysis (ICHD) patients may be skewed compared to that [read more...]
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    Patients with CKD experience pain at a similar burden to patients suffering from cancer. This causes a negative impact on quality of life, but also leads to missed dialysis treatments and increased ER visits and hospitalizations. Pain management [read more...]
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    Diuretic therapy is commonly employed in nephrology practice. Diuretic resistance, however, can be seen especially in patients with chronic edematous conditions such as nephrotic syndrome, heart failure, liver cirrhosis, and advanced chronic kidney [read more...]

Countdown to #NephMadness

March 7th, 2017
10 days to go.