• Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a histologically-defined lesion that results from many etiologies such as drugs, infections, and genetic mutations. It can also occur secondary to other renal lesions, and in many [...]
  • NephMadness 2022 ended just a month ago and it’s now time to plan NephMadness 2023! Which topics would you like to see in next year’s edition of the madness? We’ve had great fun and success crowdsourcing [...]
  • The 2021 USRDS Annual Data Report (ADR) is a massive undertaking and a wealth of information pertaining to patients with kidney disease.  In this interview, AJKD Interview Editor Timothy Yau @Maximal_Change talks to [...]
  • Editor’s Note: We asked authors of Original Investigations to provide short plain-language summaries that would briefly summarize what inspired their study, the basic approach taken, what was learned, and why it [...]
  • The NephMadness Court of Champions welcomes their 10th member: Social Determinants of Health Pre-pandemic NephMadness 2019 still held strong as the year with the highest entries, but we came so very close to that number in [...]
  • Now that we have revealed the NephMadness 2022 Champion, Social Determinants of Health from the Inequities Region, we are excited to announce the winners below! Grand Prizes To celebrate the 10th NephMadness, we are also [...]

May 2022

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