Medicine 2.0 (2012): YouTube and Medical Education

Speaker: Margaret Hansen, a nurse from University of San Francisco who spoke on her scope review of You Tube in medical Education.
There are 575 Hospital YouTube channels, it is only behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of hospital social media accounts:
  • 1,068 Facebook accounts
  • 814 Twitter accounts
  • 575 YouTube
  • 566 LinkedIn
  • 149 Blogs
She gave some cautions to using YouTube. It is important to review anything you want to use before recommending it to students. She pointed to an editorial in the NEJM on the misinformation in purportedly educational videos on movement disorders.
Her review identified 14 published papers on YouTube and medical education. She tried to show that the body of literature was growing but the data was not compelling.
  • 2008 2 articles
  • 2009 0 articles
  • 2010 0 articles
  • 2011 6 articles
  • 2012 7 articles
Some final thoughts and points that she made:
Disappointed by the lack of rigorous trials
She viewed video as an enhancement not a replacement for teacher lead education.
Short videos more effective than long videos
Editorial: I was surprised to see how popular YouTube is as a social media site. I was disappointed that she limited her search to YouTube videos. It seems that the larger question is how effective is video in education and the method of delivery is less important than the content.

Joel Topf, MD
eAJKD advisory board member

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    This is data from a nephrology based You tube channel

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