Recap of eAJKD’s coverage of the Medicine 2.0 (2013) conference

Check out all of the coverage of this year’s Medicine 2.0 conference by eAJKD’s Joel Topf on Twitter and below: Medicine 2.0 (2013): Introduction Why Medicine 2.0 Susan Michie, the science of changing behavior Twitter: listening to a million conversations at once My very short time on stage at Med 2.0 Technology for the elderly […]

Medicine 2.0 Closing Keynote: Emerging technologies for mobile health

Measuring HR and RR with an iPad

Richard R Fletcher from the MIT Media Lab gave a fascinating, if not a bit creepy, closing keynote. His topic was sensor technologies, both those that exist and those that are emerging and how they could apply to mobile health. Dr Fletcher started out by describing that mobile health has a whole stack of technology […]

Medicine 2.0 (2013): Technology for the elderly

I went to  a session on Elderly Patients. I thought this was an interesting session as technology is usually associated with young people, and it is easy to overlook how these technologies can change healthcare in the aged. This breakout session had three reserch discussions and two rapid fire discussions. The first project was a […]

My very short time on stage at Med 2.0

The editors at iMedical App asked me to participate on their panel discussion. The title of the panel was mHealth and Quality and Safety of Apps. I was one of five speakers that they shoehorned into an hour. I was given 8 minutes. I spoke about what I saw as the primary needs for an […]

Twitter: listening to a million conversations at once

Nick Genes

After the keynote the conference broke up into smaller sessions. I went to the Blogs, Microblogs and Twitter session which should have just been called Twitter because all three research projects presented were focused solely on twitter. Apparently the open nature of twitter and the potential of being able to eavesdrop on all the conversations […]

Susan Michie, the science of changing behavior

The mobile phone has uniquely found a role in improving the healthcare of the rich and the poor. #Med2 — Dr. Matt Sparks (@eAJKD) September 23, 2013 The opening  keynote was by Susan Michie: Designing Digital Interventions: a health psychology view. Her slide deck (or a deck very similar to the one she used at Med 2.0) […]

Why Medicine 2.0

At #Med2 they tell the audience to turn on, rather than switch off your mobile phone. — Dr. Matt Sparks (@eAJKD) September 23, 2013 Why should a blog sponsored by a nephrology journal care about the Med 2.0 Conference? Med 2.0 is a conference dedicated to social media, mobile  and internet technology? eAJKD does not […]

Medicine 2.0 (2013)

eAJKD’s Dr. Joel Topf live tweeted this year’s Medicine 2.0, the 6th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, Internet/Web 2.0, which took place in London, UK, from September 23-24. In case you missed it, we’ve selected some of Dr. Topf’s tweets (@eAJKD) as well as other picks from the lively Medicine 2.0 discussion (#med2). […]

Recap of eAJKD’s coverage of the Medicine 2.0 (2012) conference

Check out all of the coverage of this year’s Medicine 2.0 conference by eAJKD’s Joel Topf below: The Opening YouTube and Medical Education Bertalan Mesko’s concept on social media and the patient-physician relationship Learning Styles Web apps for medical education Smart phones and physical activity SMS based systems and smoking cessation Web based physical activity program Smart phone dermatologist Run-keeper Revolution

Medicine 2.0 (2012): Run-keeper Revolution

2012-09-15 18.30.12

A great session at Medicine 2.0 was  Ted Vickey’s presentation, Fitness there is an App for That. Vickey is a Penn State grad who worked in the White House under three presidents (Bush, Clinton, Bush) in the White House Athletic Center. He also is the author of 3 books on fitness. He recently emigrated to […]


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