Why Medicine 2.0

Why should a blog sponsored by a nephrology journal care about the Med 2.0 Conference? Med 2.0 is a conference dedicated to social media, mobile  and internet technology?

eAJKD does not simply repurpose content from the traditional paper journal, eAJKD reacts to the paper journal and as a result produces editorials, interviews and quizzes better suited to social media. eAJKD strives to publish content that is a natural fit to its environment. Part of eAJKD’s mission is experimenting with this new medical communication channel to find the optimal way to engage our readers and nephrologists around the world. The mobile and internet revolution is having a profound impact on medicine and eAJKD along with other medical blogs are part of that wave.

Med 2.0 is one of the premier conferences that provides a venue for scientists to present research on these changes in medicine. If eAJKD is part of this revolution then it makes sense for eAJKD to participate in the conference, to promote the ideas discussed at the conference and influence its distribution. Last year at Med 2.0, I saw how twitter could be used to broadcast a conference to the world, primarily by watching Alex Djuricich and Ryan Madanick‘s tweet stream . While eAJKD last year didn’t participate in the twitterfest at Med 2.0 2012, the lessons learned were used in the subsequent Kidney Week 2012 where eAJKD was one of the leading voices on Twitter covering that conference. We learned from Med 2.0 and transferred those lessons to the nephrology community.

Hope you enjoy the trip into medicines’s future.


Post written by Dr. Joel Topf, eAJKD Advisory Board member.

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