HMIDC 2013: Planning Your E-Learning Module

Planning Your E-Learning Module

Neil Mehta, MD, Cleveland Clinic

  1. Use of sticky notes on line: and can share notes
  2. Use of 4Bs- Avoid Bias, Detect Bull, Think Broadly and Balance
  3. Gagne’s 9 steps of instruction
    1. Gain attention (engage)
    2. State Objective (show the end results)
    3. Prior Recall (existing prior knowledge)
    4. Present Content (expose)
    5. Learning guidance (help understanding)
    6. Elicit performance (demonstrate learning)
    7. Feedback (formative)
    8. Assess performance (summative)
    9. Application and retention (practical application)

4. Use padlet as a storyboard
5. Use of Moodle as a storyboard (

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