Test Your Knowledge: OncoNephrology

The overlap of hematology, oncology, and nephrology has led to the creation of a field called Onconephrology. Cancer survivors are living longer and developing chronic kidney disease. Novel chemotherapy agents are nephrotoxic. The field of paraproteinemias is advancing, and MGUS is now been associated with kidney disease. Cancer centers around the world need a dedicated onconephrologists to take care of these patients. A recent AJKD Core Curriculum article addresses the key issues associated with Onconephrology. Test your knowledge on this fascinating field with the questions listed below.

Post prepared by Dr. Rimda Wanchoo, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hofstra NSLIJ School of Medicine and Dr. Kenar D. Jhaveri, AJKD Blog Editor. For a PDF version of the questions & answers, please click here.


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