#NephMadness 2019: Master Class in Fun and Learning

Most of you probably spent the entire weekend going through all 8 regions of NephMadness 2019, right?

Now that you’re a NephMadness expert, it’s time to complete the group bracket at the group party. We’ve already seen a bunch of parties scheduled, and we want to help you all by providing a set of PPT slides to help guide your group discussion:

Download PowerPoint Presentation

Download PDF Presentation

Download NephMadness 2019 Bracket

Reminder 1: You need to schedule your group bracket fun soon! Bracket submission deadline is March 31 at 6PM EDT.

Don’t quite know where to start?  breaks down the 2019 bracket in this 2-minute video – consider playing it at the beginning of your group bracket deliberations:

Reminder 2: We have a new group prize category this year, Best Party. Take a photo of the party and tag #NephMadness – check out this post for details and inspiration!

Everything you need to know should be in the Welcome Post, but if you need more help incorporating NephMadness into your group learning program, consult these posts from previous years:

That’s it! Go forth and take advantage of all the fun and learning in the next two weeks!


Submit your picks! | NephMadness 2019 | #NephMadness @NephMadness



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