SCM12: Long Term Outcomes with PD: Similar or Inferior to HD

Long Terms Outcomes with PD: Similar or Inferior to HD
Rajnish Mehrotra,MD (Univ of Toronto, Canada)
Thursday, 5/10/2012

Important points.

A misconception that many of us have is that patients with PD may survive longer than patients with HD.  In fact, the truth is that there is only a very short survival benefit and then 5-10 years down the line, survival is similar. 

It is the residual renal function that is the main variable in terms of outcome, whether hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

The take home message of this lecture: was not to let survival studies guide your selection of mode of dialysis for the patient.  We are poor judges of a patient’s lifestyle.  Allow them to choose what fits their lifestyle.  Leave the decision up to the patient.

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