Pediatric AKI/CRRT 2012 Conference: Biomarkers in AKI


  • Dr Devarajan calls the panel “NGAL, IL-18, KIM-1 and L-FABP” as Super Four of the markers of acute kidney injury (AKI) diagnosis.
  • Urine NGAL represents NGAL liberated FROM the kidney, and is not seen in pre-renal insults.
  • Recent TRIBE AKI study, showing albuminuria precedes AKI in cardiac bypass patients
  • TRIAGE NGAL kits are available outside United States.


Even Subclinical AKI is important

  • In the absence of diagnostic increases in serum creatinine, NGAL detects patients with likely subclinical AKI who have an increased risk of adverse outcomes.

Sidharth Kumar Sethi, MD
eAJKD Advisory Board member

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  1. I have seen only one kid in my life with AKI (the diagnosis I guess was PTT) who required RRT, I don`t know whether it ended up on CRRT, as all I asked myself was what the sin of this child was, I also asked myself that, if, we were told in pediatrics, that kids are not miniature adults, how to apply the below quote (quotation) by Isak Dinesen to kids:”What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a ingenious machine for turning, with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine?”
    Cristina Gluhovschi

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