Pediatric AKI/CRRT 2012 Conference: Incidence of AKI

About the Conference

  • The PCRRT conference has been renamed as the PCRRT/P-AKI to include both the treatment and the pathophysiology of Pediatric acute kidney injury (AKI).
  • There are still multiple definitions of AKI and there is a need to have a uniform definition like AKIN or RIFLE.
  • AKI definition should be standardized so that results can be compared across studies.
  • Please refer to the recent KDIGO guidelines for AKI in adults and children.


  • AKI is quite common in critically ill children with incidence as high as 80% in some studies in children on vasopressors.
  • AKI is also common in non-critically ill children as well as aminoglycosides and other nephrotoxic drugs are commonly prescribed on the ward.
  • A recent landmark study from Texas children’s Hospital in children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass, shows the incidence of post-operative AKI to be 52%; 135 patients (31%) reached maximum acute kidney injury stage I, 59 (14%) reached stage II, and 31 (7%) reached stage III.

Sidharth Kumar Sethi, MD
eAJKD Advisory Board member

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