Pediatric AKI/CRRT 2012 Conference: The Opening day

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is hosting the first international symposium on acute kidney injury(AKI) in children at the 7th International conference on pediatric continuous renal replacement therapy this year.
Dr Sidharth Sethi, eAJKD advisory member will be providing live conference updates for the next few posts on interesting topics and latest information.

The day opened at 7pm with the Keynote speaker being Dr J Kellum, highlighting the importance of AKI terminology and the importance of early recognition and its effects on the outcomes. Even a rise of 0.3 mg/dl has been proven to be a predictor of morbidity and mortality.

The conference opened with Poster Sessions with posters on AKI from around the world, on incidence, biomarkers, MARS and CRRT in children.

Sidharth Kumar Sethi, MD
eAJKD Advisory Board member

Check out all of eAJKD’s coverage of the AKI in Children / PCRRT 2012 Conference here.

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