Pediatric AKI/CRRT 2012 Conference: Interesting Observations

AKI can worsen pneumonia in-vitro

  • In vitro showed suggest that acute kidney injury (AKI) limit the amount of pulmonary polymorphonuclear cell (PMN) recruitment during pneumonia and worsened pneumonia. Mice with AKI and pneumonia had lower O2-saturations and greater bacterial load than mice without AKI and but with pneumonia. PMNs from mice with folic acid-induced AKI also had impaired transmigration and F-actin polymerization in vitro.

Fluid Overload

  • Fluid overload greater than 20% has been shown in many studies to be an independent risk of mortality in critically ill children and therefore, many clinicians will initiate RRT therapy due to Fluid Overload even without overt renal failure.

Sidharth Kumar Sethi, MD
eAJKD Advisory Board member

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