Bracketology: Pascale Lane

We’re breaking down the Nephrology Madness brackets with Pascale Lane, pediatric nephrologist at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. She is also founding editor of ASN Kidney News, the American Society of Nephrology’s national magazine and a player in nephrology social media.

She posted her brackets on Monday. Let’s see her picks:


So as I glance across her brackets I see someone who trusts the seeding.

Her final four is composed of three number 1 seeds and a number 2.

Team Symplicity! Dr. Lane is calling you guys out!

One upset she did call was PD First over Fistula First:

Now off of nephrology on to NCAA basketball. Favorite tournament memory?

Lane: 1988 All Big 8 Final: Kansas vs Oklahoma, score was 50-50 at halftime.

JT: Who do you have in this year’s tournament?

Lane: Gonzaga

JT: Have you ever won a NCAA pool?

Lane: In 1993. I went against the local favorite. Picked a slight underdog.

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Send in your brackets! First round results are coming Friday!

You don’t have your brackets? Download them:


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