NephMadness: There’s still time to vote for the Elite Eight!

We are closing the polls tomorrow, in order to get the Final Four polls up. You are running out of time to vote for the Elite Eight. There are some close battles, your vote could make the difference. For more information check out our Sweet 16 post.

Come on you ALLHAT apologists, membranous mavens, and biopsy groupies, time to get voting!

Latest poll results:

Glomerulus Region’s Podocyte Group

Medicare: 73%
KDIGO: 27%

Glomerulus Region’s Mesangium Group

RCT: 83%
Epigenetics: 17%

Proximal Tubule Region’s S-one Segment Group

Hemo: 60%

Proximal Tubule Region’s Vasa Recta Group

APOL1: 54%
Anti-PLA(2)R: 46%

Loop of Henle Region’s Thick Ascending Limb Group

Captopril: 78%
Tolvaptan: 22%

Loop of Henle Region’s Thin Ascending Limb Group

UpToDate: 88%
ASN Kidney Week: 13%

Collecting Tubule Region’s Principal Cell Group

MDRD eGFR equation: 73%
FeNa: 27%

Collecting Tubule Region’s Intercalated Cell Group

Kidney Transplant: 68%
Kidney Biopsy: 32%

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