NephMadness 2015: The Onconephrology Selection Committee Speaks.

Rosner, MitchellThe Madness is wrapping up. The champion will be announced tomorrow and all of the prize winners in the days that follow. Before we put NephMadness to bed for another year, lets take a look back through all the regions and let our selection committee have some parting words. Obstetrics is here.

Here is Dr. Mitchell Rosner,  representing onconephrology:

Onco-nephrology is an evolving and exciting field for nephrologists. It encompasses all aspects of nephrology including acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, electrolyte disorders, and glomerular disorders. The nephrologist now is a key part of the team caring for patients with cancer and we are critical in managing drug toxicitiy, managing dosing of chemotherapeutic agents, controlling blood pressure and much more. Furthermore, the advent of new therapies, most significantly, the biological agents has not only led to new mechanisms of nephrotoxicity but also helped us understand key pathways involved in renal pathophysiology such as the VEGF pathways and its role in proteinuria and hypertension. This is a field that will grow in the near future and it is critical for nephrologists to understand the complex issues and ensure that patients get the very best care.

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  1. If it wasn’t for the VEGF toxicities causing pre eclampsia like syndrome, understanding of pre eclampsia pathology in the kidney would have been delayed.

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