NephMadness 2016: Last Day to Submit Your Brackets!

Copyright: Scott Rothstein / Shutterstock

Copyright: Scott Rothstein / Shutterstock

The deadline to submit your bracket for NephMadness 2016 is today (March 23) at 11:59 pm EDT. Fill out your bracket before time runs out!

What happens when game officially starts?

You will no longer be able to submit a bracket. But, the contest doesn’t end at that time. The Madness (and learning) is only beginning.

Here is what to expect after the brackets close:

The Saturated Sixteen results will be posted at Tourneytopia on Thursday March 24th. Instantly every entry will be scored and sorted from highest points to lowest based on how everyone matches up to the blue-ribbon panel. An e-mail will go out with the updated standings and it will tell you where you stand in the pack. Also, at this time AJKD Blog will post explanations and summaries of all the results.

Then on Sunday, March 27, we do it all again when we announce the Effluent 8 or the regional winners:

  • Updated brackets at Tourneytopia
  • Updated standings
  • E-mail to all of the players
  • Commentary at AJKD Blog

Thursday, March 31: We announce the results and reveal the Filtered Four

Monday, April 4: The finalists (the right and left kidney)

Wednesday, April 6: The champion

What is at stake? Prizes

One copy of Brenner and Rector’s The Kidney, 10th Edition, will be awarded to:

  • Top Overall score

One copy of National Kidney Foundation Primer on Kidney Diseases will be awarded to:

  • Top Medical Student score*
  • Top Resident score*
  • Top Fellow score*
  • Top Attending score*

NephMadness waterbottle will be awarded to:

  • After excluding the scores of the Grand Prize Winners, the 9 remaining overall top scores
  • Best tweeter
  • Best blogger

*First registration question must be answered for prize eligibility. See scoring & rules.

NephMadness 2016

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