#SCM17: Winners of the NKF Young Investigators Forum

The 12th Annual National Young Investigators Forum was held on April 18 at the 2017 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings in Orlando, FL. After a day of presentations in clinical research and basic science, the judges picked 3 winners from each category. Congratulations to these young investigators!

Photo courtesy of @NKFClinicals

Clinical Research

1st place: Jiun-Ruey Hu (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN): Are Serum Metabolites Associated with Mortality in Chronic Kidney Disease?

2nd place: Xinxing Shelley Cheng, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA): How Much is a Kidney Worth? Comparing Kidney Transplant Strategies in Liver Transplant Candidates Using a Decision-Analytic Model

3rd place: Enrica Fung, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA): Receipt of Nephrology Care and Clinical Outcomes Among Veterans with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

Basic Science

1st place: Abolfazl Zarjou, MD, PhD (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL): Myeloid Specific H-FERRITIN Mediates Sepsis Induced Inflammation and Organ Injury

2nd place: Gaia Muallem, MD (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA): The Endogenous Regulator IL-27 Suppresses TH17 Responses in the Kidney to Ameliorate Renal Fibrosis in a Model of Obstructive Kidney Disease

3rd place: Jessica M. Overstreet, PhD (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN): Role of Lysophosphatidic ACID (LPA)/LPA Receptor in EGFR-Mediated Renal Fibrosis 

The National Young Investigators Forum was sponsored by educational donations provided by AstraZeneca.

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