#NephMadness 2022: Personal Observations

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Vicki Ivancevic @VIvancevic

Vicki Ivancevic received her kidney transplant in April 2013 at the University of Wisconsin. She is a business analyst, dog mom, avid knitter, and reader.

I participated in the very first NephMadness in March of 2013. At that time, I had been on home hemodialysis for about 18 months after starting in-center hemodialysis in January of 2011. Through my own research, I chose to be listed for transplant at the University of Wisconsin even though I was living approximately in the Chicagoland area. During my time with both in-center and home hemodialysis, I found that the kidney-related education that I received at my dialysis centers to be lacking. I was used to details like the ones I had received in written communication as an IT analyst. Twitter was the place that I found that I could find links to informative articles written for someone with an analytical mind and much like the old joke “no one knew I was a dog”…or in this case a patient and not a fellow nephrologist.

Dr. Joel Topf was one of the first nephrologists that I followed, at the beginning mostly because I liked his Twitter handle @kidney_boy. Initially I only followed his tweets but gradually, I tiptoed into responding to some of his Tweets and even joining Twitter discussions on topics related to journal articles. I was amazed that instead of being pushed away like “Hey, we are all doctors here, this isn’t for you”, my viewpoints were welcomed and my questions were answered like I was a peer, not an interloper. I also reminded the participants a few times to consider the person, not just the patient.

When NephMadness was announced that year, I sent a bracket to Dr. Topf as a lark and because he asked me to 😃. As I recall, the topic was related to breakthroughs in treatments of patients with kidney failure. Some of the selections were known to me and others required a Google search to help me understand the basics so I could make my selections. It was an educational experience!

At that time, I never thought that sending in a bracket based on nephrology was something that anyone would take seriously from someone like me. But Dr. Topf did. He encouraged me through his tweets and I ended up learning a couple of things along the way.

The absolute best part of the process was feeling like I was on somewhat of a peer basis with these educated doctors and doctors-in-training. I think that the experience has helped me even to this day as I continue to navigate life with a transplant, advocate for myself, and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks, Dr. Topf, and thanks, NephMadness!

Joel Topf wrote about Vicki’s NephMadness entry contemporaneously in 2013.

– Guest Post written by Vicki Ivancevic @VIvancevic

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