#NephMadness 2022: Thank You

The NephMadness Court of Champions welcomes their 10th member:

Social Determinants of Health

Pre-pandemic NephMadness 2019 still held strong as the year with the highest entries, but we came so very close to that number in 2022!

We saw increased participation on Twitter compared to the previous two years:

The number of international entries dipped slightly in 2022:

“When we started, I envisioned this being a fun diversion for nephrologists and a learning opportunity for students, residents, and fellows, but there are no walls on the internet and you never know who you will touch.” – Joel Topf, NephMadness 2013 In Review

Joel wrote that one of his favorite moments of NephMadness 2013 was when Vicki Ivancevic, a patient on dialysis, submitted a bracket. This year, to celebrate the 10th NephMadness, we invited Vicki to write a blog post about that experience. Her valuable perspective, as well as those of other patients, enriches this educational initiative.

And talk about a fun diversion! There were no NephMadness parties documented in 2013, but there sure were plenty of parties in 2022. Check out the Twitter thread below to see all the fun and learning:

“From the very origin of the project we intended this to a community building experience. We wanted it to be interactive and without the readers, the bracket pickers, the trash talkers and the tweeters, there would have been no Madness.” – Joel Topf, NephMadness 2013 In Review

NephMadness could not happen without community – we are immensely grateful to everyone who helped us develop the content as well as everyone who participated in the tournament!

NephMadness 2022 went live 7 weeks ago but the planning started well before that. We would especially like to thank and highlight the people listed below (and apologies in advance to anyone we may have inadvertently missed):

Blue Ribbon Panel

Selection Committee

Region Writers

Commentary Contributors

Visual Abstract Team


Graphic by @CTeodosiu

AJKD Editors

These folks didn’t fit into a neat category but NephMadness 2022 would not have been possible without them:

  • NephTwitter as always for vibrant discussion and debate
  • Cathy Quinlan @KidneyCathy pulled double duty, serving as a member of the BRP and creating this year’s edition of her always helpful explainer video
  • Graham Gipson @grahamgipsonmd for designing the 2022 NephMadness logo
  • Susan Allison @suz_allison for arranging free Nature Reviews Nephrology subscription for the Grand Prize Winners
  • Jessica Joseph, Kathryn Troy, and Emma Felstead at National Kidney Foundation @nkf @NKF_NephPros for coordinating the CME and MOC
  • Sarah Pratta and Nancy Rolya at Elsevier for promoting NephMadness
  • AJKD Editorial Staff: Nijsje Dorman, Alina Foo, Noah Skaroff, Andrew Fleming, Barb Saper, Tseion Mebratu, and Maya Kennedy

And finally, a special THANK YOU to all of our game players!

Friendly Reminder: The bracket fun may be over but NephMadness content will still be around on the AJKDBlog. US-based physicians can claim CME and MOC through NKF PERC (detailed instructions here) until June 1, 2022.

– The NephMadness 2022 Executive Team:

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