#NephMadness 2022: The Winners

Now that we have revealed the NephMadness 2022 Champion, Social Determinants of Health from the Inequities Region, we are excited to announce the winners below!

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Grand Prizes

To celebrate the 10th NephMadness, we are also highlighting the runners-up of the competition! Each Grand Prize winner will receive a one-year online subscription to Advances in Chronic Kidney Diseases and Nature Reviews Nephrology as well as a NephMadness 2022 drawstring bag.


Katarzyna Kakareko @kponikwicka

“I am a nephrologist at 2nd Department of Nephrology and Hypertension with Dialysis Unit, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland.”


Graham Anderson @graham_positive

“I am a current MS4 at Kansas City University / matched at Legacy Salmon Creek Internal Medicine Residency. My favorite part of NephMadness is that the gamification of medical research makes the barrier for entry into the conversation lower for learners like myself. That and the podcast crawl. I submitted a bracket at the general urging of Dr Topf @kidney_boy on Twitter.”


Alexander Duncan

“I am a first-year medical student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha, Nebraska. My favorite part about NephMadness was learning more about all the topics listed. As a first-year medical student who was learning about some of this information when this year’s NephMadness was about to begin, I was fascinated by the different aspects of the renal system! The main reason I decided to submit a bracket was because after one of our lectures, Dr. Ryan Mullane @rmullane7 was talking about the animal section of the bracket. Hearing about the renal system differences between all the animals led me to doing more research and taking a shot at NephMadness!”


Kristina Fladseth @kristinaflad

“I am a Resident in Cardiology at the University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø, Norway. My favourite part of NephMadness was the easy-to-read introductions of each region and crushing lbr, my Nephrology boyfriend (the battle between Cardiology and Nephrology continues).”


Robert Kimmitt @rakimmitt

“I am an Internal Medicine Trainee at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Exeter, United Kingdom. This is the 5th time I have entered NephMadness and the first time I have even made it into the top half! My favourite part is reading the scouting reports particularly for esoteric knowledge like Animal House and learning about futuristic technology that might appear in clinical practice one day.”

For the Fellow score prize category, Ali Azeem had “Resident” instead of “Fellow” in the registration question. By the time we realized he is a fellow and not a resident, the next two highest-scoring fellows had been contacted and accepted their prize. We decided we still want to recognize Dr Azeem and share the madness with our cardiology colleagues!


Naief AbuDaff 

“I’m currently a PGY-4 clinical nephrology fellow at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. My favorite part of NephMadness is learning about all sorts of fascinating topics that I’d normally glance over (eg: kidney adaptations in animals). My fellowship PD, Anna Burgner @anna_burgner, did a really great job at stirring excitement around NephMadness. She strongly encouraged us to participate and offered up a kidney trophy to the highest scoring participant!”


Shilpi Shah @sshah713

“I’m a first-year nephrology fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. My favorite part of NephMadness is the spirit of education and friendly competition that it fosters nationally and internationally – it makes me feel like I’m part of a bigger conversation that’s working to advance our field.”


Ali Azeem @Ali_Azeem01

“I am a PGY-4 cardiology fellow at University Hospitals / Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Kidney physiology and diuretics are some of my favorite parts of physiology to learn about, going all the way back to medical school (thank you, Dr. Gilbert!). This is a big part of what I teach my trainees today. I am a regular listener to Freely Filtered and Channel Your Enthusiasm, and I think NephMadness is a great chance to hear about new ideas in the field.”


Tomasz Hryszko @THryszko

“I am a nephrologist and Professor at 2nd Department of Nephrology and Hypertension with Dialysis Unit at the Medical University of Bialystok in Poland.”


Matthew Abramson @M_Abramson

“I am an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. My favorite part of Nephmadness is the ability to connect with nephrologists across the world.”

Group Prizes

HIGHEST-SCORING GROUP: Duke Fellowship Program @DukeKidney


“The best part about Nephmadness was the chance for us to meet in person (and online) to hear presentations and some debate as we picked our topics in a very fun and social environment. I encouraged everyone to submit their individual entries by mentioning it a few times at the party and also by reminding everyone in our department a number of times via email/ text – seems to have worked!” – Sarah Gleeson @sarah_gleeson_

For Year 10, we really struggled to pick just one Best Party group, so we ended up with two winners and two honorable mentions for this prize category 😀. We’ve compiled all the wonderful parties in this Twitter thread and wish we could have been there to join the fun!

BEST PARTY: East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Nephrology @EastTNChildrens

If this group sounds familiar, it’s because they won the Honorable Mention award last year. We love their multidisciplinary approach to the NephMadness party!

“We, the nephrology, urology, and gynecology practices work together at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. We were introduced to Nephmadness last year and we all were fascinated learning about different aspects of nephrology. The Animal House region is our all-time favorite. ‘Animals are way cuter this time,’ says Morgan, and endorsed by Kayla. Melissa says, ‘Nephmadness is a fun project to engage everyone, learn, and at the same time fight burnout.’ Amy, our dialysis nurse, not only created a dialysis model but also created a food chart to help and educate our patients using Nephmadness as an opportunity. Kim from the urology team vouched for social determinants of health and won. The gynecology team created educational material for family planning and pregnancy for lupus. Nicole and Reeda worked on neonatal nephrology and we all wanted new devices to win. This time we had the cutest Nephmadness player, Ben, who drew various parasite models for us. We loved this amazing educational experience and we look forward to next year.” – S. Sudha Mannemuddhu @drM_sudha

BEST PARTY: Hopkins Nephrology @hopkinsneph

Hopkins also won Best Party last year – their NephMadness enthusiasm is infectious!

Honorable Mention: Virginia Commonwealth University @VCU_Nephrology

VCU is the group that inspired us to have the Best Party prize back in 2019 and launched all the parties that followed. It is very fitting that they get the Honorable Mention award this year!

“Our favorite part of Nephmadness was getting together in person for the first time in 2 years and having a chance to argue with each other about these great topics. Anna Vinnikova does a tremendous job planning our parties and it was a great chance for us to all be together.” – Jason Kidd @jkidd03

Honorable Mention: II Klinika Nefrologii UMB @IINefroUMB

II Klinika Nefrologii UMB won the inaugural Best Party prize back in 2019 and we are thrilled to give them an Honorable Mention this year.

“What we liked most about this year’s NephMadness edition was the region of neonatal nephrology with novel dialytic devices showing what progress was made and what challenges pediatric nephrologists are able to overcome. We loooved our piñata filled with chocolate gold coins that symbolized Social Determinants of Health – it was soo much fun for our students and residents to answer questions and hit the piñata. Some of us were impressed by the bear – so we had gummy bears for everyone. Most importantly NephMadness helped us grow as a team, learn a lot, have fun, and forget for a short time about war or the pandemic, so thanks to all the Gamemakers for making this possible.” – Alicja Rosolowska @alunieczka

And a special shout-out to Laura Ratcliffe @lauraratcliffe7 who made this fantastic Animal House cake:

Social Prizes


Patrick Gee @PGee51

“My favorite part about NephMadness was the opportunity to pick topics that had a significant impact on myself and my fellow kidney warriors and to see how far they would make it toward the Championship rounds. Having the champion be the Social Determinants of Health from the Inequities Region is a massive win for underserved and impoverished communities negatively impacted by kidney disease. I wrote the blog post, ‘Whom Do You See When You See Me? Please, My Humanity Over My Race,’ not just for myself but for those who are voiceless and faceless in the kidney community. All people living with kidney disease should be allowed to be seen and heard. I pray that I was able to capture that in my writing.”


Jade M. Teakell @JMTeakell

“I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Program Director of the Nephrology Fellowship at UTHealth McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas. I am relatively new to NephMadness, but I do love the excitement generated in the nephrology and #NephTwitter community. The scouting reports and the infographics are always very good and are useful teaching tools that I like to share with students/residents/fellows. I chose the Ted Lasso theme because I just love the show – its focus on kindness, team building, and leadership in the face of uncertainty and opposing opinions is applicable to so many situations. I like to participate in another Twitter community #MedLasso that relishes in the application (comparison) of Ted Lasso characters/situations to those we encounter/face in healthcare. So it seemed fitting to for me to combine the two #NephMadness + #MedLasso. I am happy to know it was appreciated!”


Caitlyn Vlasschaert @DrFlashHeart

Caitlyn Vlasschaert is an internal medicine resident and PhD candidate at Queen’s University in Canada. She wrote the Cardiorenal Region as well as this amazingTwitter thread on classic rock and kidneys:


Vandana Niyyar @vandyniyyar

Vandana Dua Niyyar is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at Emory University. (BRP members submitted their brackets prior to voting on the results of NephMadness)

Congratulations to The Winners of NephMadness 2022!

Special thanks to Sarah Pratta from Elsevier and Susan Allison from NRN for the complimentary subscriptions to ACKD and NRN.

There were two prize categories where we needed to break a tie: Top Attending and Second-Highest Resident Score. For more on how tiebreakers work specifically and the determination of winners and prizes in general, please see NephMadness 2022 Rules.

Final Standings Match Results | NephMadness 2022 | #NephMadness

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