#NephMadness 2022 Champion: Social Determinants of Health

Nephrons, we proudly present the NephMadness 2022 Champion as voted by the Blue Ribbon Panel:

NephMadness Championship Matchup:

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come and the 2022 NephMadness Champion has been named. Never have we seen a NephMadness Champion win by such a large margin! Diuretic Resistance Treatments from the Cardiorenal Region stood no chance against Social Determinants of Health’s sharp shooting skills and stifling defense. Social Determinants of Health from the Inequities Region wins NephMadness bragging rights for the next year! 

Social Determinants of Health wins 20-1

Comments from the BRP:

Knock out.”

“All the medications in the world cannot help our patients if the system is stacked against them.”

“This one is easy. If we as a society can better address Social Determinants of Health we will see less of the severe heart and kidney disease associated with diuretic resistance.”

“Excited that Social Determinants of Health has made it thus far. Can we give a filip to a need that the pandemic has shown up so clearly? This is not #NephMadness but #NephSense!!!”

“31 incredibly worthy and beautifully written challengers, but Social Determinants of Health rules.”

“How the Bear got knocked out so early still baffles me. ‘Only you can prevent a #BlueRibbonFail.’ I voted my votes but I was pretty sure all along the winner would come from the Inequities bracket. And I am hardly trivializing that because it may affect more people than anything from any other bracket. It just doesn’t ‘stir my blood.’

“It’s about time.”

“Both have considerable impact in nephrology and general medical care, but I think this is the time for us to make diligent efforts to Social Determinants of Health.”

“Getting a handle on Social Determinants of Health may save more lives than any other treatments we have.”

“Social Determinants of Health are so strong that they overwhelm even potent pharmacologic treatments.”

“Tough choice, but as I look at the terrain I think addressing Social Determinants of Health addresses concerns of those who are disproportionately impacted by CKD!”

“It is fitting that after a long, challenging year, what has emerged is a true champion. We have recognized the contribution that medicine offers to health, but that social factors lay a significant role as well. If we are truly seeking quality health, we must ensure quality health for all that is impacted by socioeconomics, food access, clean air and water, and elimination of racism.

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Whom Do You See When You See Me?
Please, My Humanity Over My Race

Social Determinants of Health:
The Biggest Elephant in the Room

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Many thanks to Omar Taco @ErrantNephron for the scoreboard graphics!

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