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A podcrawl is a series of podcasts by different hosts that have a unifying theme. The idea is to give varying perspectives on a single theme as well as introduce each other’s audiences and increase awareness of the variety of podcasts in medicine. We haven’t done this before, so let us know what you think…

The PodCrawl starts Monday, March 14, 2022, with The Curbsiders Cardiorenal episode and continues all week! See the schedule below, check out the other podcasts in the podcrawl, and don’t forget to fill out your brackets for NephMadness 2022

Pod Crawl Release Schedule

Monday, March 14: The Curbsiders @thecurbsiders

An Internal Medicine Podcast…for the Internist. This episode will focus on the Cardiorenal region with Game Maker, Joel Topf @Kidney_Boy, and Selection Committee Member, Sadiya Khan @HeartDocSadiya

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Tuesday, March 15: The Drs. Washington @drs_washington

The Drs. Washington are three sister physicians who discuss their story and the stories of minority physicians, tips for students interested in careers in medicine, and health-related topics. In this episode, Katie Rizzolo @katierizzolo and Dinushika Mohottige @DMohottige discuss social and physical determinants of health as well as governmental and institutional initiatives that affect health inequities in nephrology.

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Wednesday, March 16: The Cribsiders @TheCribsiders

On this pediatric podcast, go deep into the Neonatal AKI bracket with the writer, Michelle Starr @mcstarr1

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Thursday, March 17: Up My Nursing Game @upmynursinggame

Up My Nursing Game is an educational nursing podcast that uses expert interviews to address common nursing questions and pitfalls. It offers free CE credits through VCU Health. This episode featuring Bourne Auguste @bourneauguste and Daniel Weiner @DanTheKidneyMan will focus on blood pressure and Dialysis.

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Friday, March 18: Best Science (BS) Medicine @medmyths

The Best Science Medicine podcast is all about helping primary care clinicians incorporate the best available evidence into their practice in order to help facilitate shared decision-making. In this episode, Game Makers Samira Farouk @ssfarouk and Matthew Sparks @Nephro_Sparks discuss the tricky issue of albuminuria – who to monitor, what to monitor, and who to treat. They spend a lot of time dribbling and end up deciding that nothing is a slam dunk, so stay until the end for a real buzzer beater.

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Saturday, March 19: Freely Filtered @NephJC_Podcast

The Filtrate break down the Animal House region in this episode with Selection Committee Member Kelly Hyndman @DrKeeksPhD.

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Happy listening!

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