eAJKD’s Coverage of the National Kidney Foundation’s 2012 Spring Clinical Meetings

eAJKD will be providing coverage of selected research news and presentations from the National Kidney Foundation’s 2012 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM12) in Washington, DC.  Dr. Tejas Desai, Advisory Board member of eAJKD, will be covering SCM12 for the blog. Dr. Desai also will be updating the blog’s Twitter (@eAJKD) with news from SCM12 on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for eAJKD’s coverage of SCM12 for the latest happenings in nephrology!

Tejas Desai, MD, FNKF, is Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension and the Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Dr. Desai’s scholarly inquiries focus on assessing the educational effectiveness of social media and Internet-based instruments using standard scientific methods and established statistical models.  He is the creator and lead developer of Nephrology On-Demand, an award-winning website focused on nephrology education for patients and healthcare providers.  As Associate Program Director for Internal Medicine, Dr. Desai leads the development of social-media based educational and recruitment services for residents and medical students, respectively.

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