Quick Poll: Kidney Transplantation for Undocumented Immigrants

In the United States, taxpayers in most states are paying for years of dialysis therapy for undocumented immigrants with end-stage renal disease who are not able to pay for care themselves. In recent survey results published in the September issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, undocumented patients were healthier than their legal resident counterparts, and half were working at the time of the survey. Of those who had stopped working, 82% said they would seek work if they had a kidney transplant. 60% had at least one potential kidney donor, and most donors were reported to reside in the United States or Canada. Share your perspective by taking our quick poll, or leaving a comment:

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  1. Alessandro Bellucci // August 28, 2012 at 9:03 am // Reply

    Undocumented immigrants w/ ESRD would be on dialysis for years. Many cannot go back to their original country. It will cost more tax payers dollars to keep them on dialysis than to allow them to be transplanted. Very often these undocumented immigrant have a living related donor. Transplantation would allow them to continue to work (and they should pay taxes!). It makes human and economic sense.

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