Kidney Week 2012: Direct Renin Inhibition in Non-diabetic Kidney Disease (DRINK study)

An interim analysis from the DRINK trial was presented as an oral communication by Tang et al on Friday Nov 2nd. Seventy six non-diabetic patients with CKD stages 3-4 were randomized to receive either aliskiren or placebo in addition to a maximal dose of angiotensin receptor blockade (ARB). Primary outcome was CKD progression, ESRD or death. After a median follow-up time of 2 years there was no difference between groups in proteinuria, estimated GFR, progression to ESRD or death.  The rate of hyperkalemia was significantly increased in the intervention group.  Up to this point the study reveals no benefit  from aliskiren; however, the final results of the study will be presented in the future.

Post written by Dr. Magdalena Madero, eAJKD Contributor, and edited by Dr. Vinay Nair, eAKD Advisory Board member.

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