Test Your Knowledge: Central Vein Stenosis

Central vein stenosis (CVS) is commonly seen in patients on hemodialysis. A recent review by Dr. Anil Agarwal in American Journal of Kidney Diseases discusses the causes and prevention of this entity. The following questions based on the article will test your knowledge on CVS.

1. The most common cause of CVS is:

A. Idiopathic in nature

B. Intravascular devises

C. Fibrosing mediastinitis

D. Retroperitoneal fibrosis

2. Which of the following increases the risk of CVS?

A. Increased number of catheters

B. Increased length of time with a central catheter

C. Presence of a prior subclavian catheter

D. All of the above

3. A cardiac rhythm device should ideally be placed ipsilateral to an arteriovenous access.

A. True

B. False

4. Angiography is recommended prior to the placement of arteriovenous access in patients with a history of previous upper body central venous catheter.

A. True

B. False

5. What is the most effective strategy for the prevention of CVS?

A. Daily aspirin

B. Avoidance of upper body venous catheters

C. Daily clopidogrel

Post prepared by Dr. Matthew A. Sparks, eAJKD Advisory Board member.

To see answers, please click here.

To view the article abstract or full-text (subscription required), please visit AJKD.org.

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