Kidney Week 2013: iChoose Kidney—a new shared decision tool for patients

iChoose Kidney—How to make informed decision for dialysis or transplant- a new shared decision tool for patients.
Rachael Patzer, PhD

  1. Shared decision making is hard based on literacy skills
  2. Health literacy  is only 32% in ESRD patients
  3. iChoose Kidney is an iPad app that talk about the risk of dying on ESRD vs transplant.
  4. The patient will go through the tool with their provider and enter age, gender, co morbidities and brief summary takes less than a minute
  5. 1 year risk summary for dying and how that is reduced with kidney transplant (its shown with pictures to help the health literacy issue)
  6. Study was done for feasibility study—single center dialysis- transplant eligible patients and <1 year on dialysis and iChoose was used.
  7. Pre and post survey was done as well
  8. 21 patients, 100% AA, mean age 54 years,
  9. 43% of patients said they never had a physician discuss transplant with them
  10. Majority found the tool very useful and 86% understood the tool
  11. iChoose Kidney might be a good app to use for teaching patients about the risk.

Post written by Dr. Kenar Jhaveri, eAJKD Editor.

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