Top 10 eAJKD Posts From 2014

eAJKD Advisory Board member, Dr. Matt Sparks, gathered the top 10 eAJKD posts from 2014 (in reverse order):

10. Kidney Week 2014: New Drug for Hyperkalemia by Dr. Dena Rifkin

9. Welcome to Nephmadness 2014 by Drs. Matt Sparks, Joel Topf, Kenar Jhaveri, Warren Kupin, and Edgar Lerma

8. Recovery time from dialysis session? Does it Matter? by Dr. Veeraish Chauhan

7. An Update on Glomerular Diseases 2014 by Dr. Jean Francis

6. It’s Finally Here! The New US Kidney Allocation by Dr. Vinay Nair

5. Lupus Nephritis: A Treatment Update 2014 by Dr. Craig Gordon

4. Test Your Knowledge: Acid-Base Disturbances in the Hemodialysis Patient by Dr. Ritu Soni

3. Drug Abusers and Kidney Disease: A Pathologist Perspective by Dr. Tibor Nadasdy

2. Test Your Knowledge: Hemodialysis by Dr. Rimda Wanchoo

1. A New Nephrologic Syndrome: Acute Fellowship Insufficiency by Dr. Warren Kupin

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