Welcome to NephMadness 2015

Neph_MadnessWhat is NephMadness?

NephMadness is an homage to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, MarchMadness, but while they match up top ranked basketball teams, we throw some of the most important concepts in nephrology together to battle it out to see who the champion is. This is not nephrology 101, You won’t find hypokalemia, loop of Henle or Winter’s formula here. We dug deep to find some of themes important, newest and detailed topics. We expect that some of the concepts will be novel, even to academically minded nephrologists and as a result we provide deep, fully referenced, guides to each of the concepts. These will be available when we publish the brackets on March 1.

How do I participate in NephMadness?

Anyone can participate in NephMadness by predicting the outcomes of each head-to-head match up. This is called filling out your brackets. This can easily done online and the site for doing this will go-live on March first. We encourage everyone to root for their picks and try to sway the crowd. If you have a blog, talk about your choices, if you are on Twitter tweet about the game with the hashtag #NephMadness. We will be awarding prizes for the most accurate picks, but also for the best blog posts and best tweets (more information on prizes and contest rules coming soon).

Keep an eye on this space and make sure you return here next Monday, March 2, 2015, to play NephMadness.

Why is there a NephMadness?

The creators of NephMadness wrote an editorial on this in March’s AJKD, take a look at it.

We see online social media as a major game changer for medical education, but at the same time we see a significant barrier to getting started. When you are new, the social media space can be a bit bewildering. The idea was that a game may bring more into social media and provide a fun and entertaining project to engage with.


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