NephMadness 2015: How did the people vote, round four

This post should have come out before the results of the Final Four SafariScreenSnapz064last night. Sorry for the delay. Here it is…

Of the Final Four, The People agreed with the blue-ribbon panel in two:

  • Kentucky: sFlt1 in Preeclampsia
  • MSU: APOL1

but the other two, TKI Toxicity and Sudden cardiac death were the second highest vote getters in their regions.

The highest number of votes went to APOL1 with 98, followed by Sacubitril in HF (PARADIGM-HF) at 84, and sFlt1 at 59.

Bringing up the bottom was lower BP goal in preeclampsia with 2 votes, followed by Open PD placement at 3, and heparin catheter locks also at 3.

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor toxicity was the Cinderella (lowest vote total for a team that advanced) with 36 votes.

The closest vote totals were in the Onconephrology/Vascular access super-region:

  • Myeloma kidney at 43
  • TKI toxicity at 36
  • Laparoscopic PD placement at 34
  • Downstream vascular biology at 34

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