#NephMadness 2017: Thank You


At each closing ceremony of the Olympics, the head of the IOC states, “This has been the best Olympics ever!” This post is our version of the closing ceremony and our way of saying, this has been the best NephMadness ever!


We had more entries than last year:


We had more people tweeting:

The fraction of people entering from outside of the US is flat, but with the total number of entries growing, so is our international reach.

We are especially encouraged by the participation of groups this year:

Thank You!

We are delighted that more and more people are engaging in NephMadness. A project like this cannot be done by one or two people. It takes a team and we have a great one. We literally could not do this without the blood, sweat, tears, nights, and weekends of the following people:

We especially would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in the game, whether it is your first or fifth year of NephMadness. All the planning, interviews, and writing would be meaningless without players. Seeing all of the people enthusiastically tweet and cheer makes the whole endeavor particularly rewarding.

The AJKD NephMadness Team

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