#NephJC Turns Three: A Closer Look at the Online Nephrology Journal Club

Most of us are familiar with the concept of the “Journal Club,” either at our practicing or training institutions. A recent AJKD publication by Topf et al highlights the evolution of NephJC, a fully online nephrology journal club. Timothy Yau, AJKD‘s Social Media Editor, interviewed several founders of NephJC to discuss what makes this forum unique, how it operates, and how to participate.

To get connected with NephJC, follow @NephJC on Twitter and subsribe to the mailing list to be informed of which article has been selected for the Journal Club. Prior to every discussion, a member of NephJC will write a commentary to provide further background on the topic. They also prepare a visual abstract summarizing the article. Participants use the hashtag #NephJC to keep track of the Tweetchat. For those who missed the live discussion or want a quick recap, the chat is storified for easy reading afterwards.

NephJC is held twice a month on the following schedule:

Our thanks to Joel Topf (@kidney_boy), Swapnil Hiremath (@hswapnil), Michelle Rheault (@rheault_m), and Tom Oates (@toates_19) for taking the time to do this interview.


Title: The Evolution of the Journal Club: From Osler to Twitter (free until July 21)
Authors: J.M. Topf, M.A. Sparks, P.J. Phelan, N. Shah, E.V. Lerma, M.P.M. Graham-Brown, H.Madariaga, F. Iannuzzella, M.N. Rheault, T. Oates, K.D. Jhaveri, and S. Hiremath
DOI: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2016.12.012


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