#NephMadness 2018: The Left and Right Kidneys

The Filtered Four games have concluded. Are you still in it to win it?! The first round and second round results of NephMadness 2018 had a number of upsets. Has the Blue Ribbon Panel messed up your bracket? Check out the Current Standings and tweet your reaction and score with the hashtag: #NephMadness


Women’s Health Region vs Trial Outcomes Region

In this matchup, Reproductive Planning, the winner of the Women’s Health Region, took on the winner of the Trial Outcomes RegionPatient-Reported Outcomes. Given how deep we are in the tournament, this was predicted to be a close matchup, but Patient-Reported Outcomes showed their true depth and good balance of strong defense and offense, easily beating Reproductive Planning.

Patient-Reported Outcomes wins 6-3.

Comments from the BRP:

Patient-Reported Outcomes: Hard choice but it’s their time!

The kidney is attached to a person!!!

What a choice – both patient-centered and needing exposure. I have to go with PROMs though. We simply don’t use them enough, yet.


Contrast Region vs Transplantation Region

Watching this matchup between the winner of the Contrast RegionIodinated Contrast in CKD4, and the winner of the Transplantation region, The Untransplantables, you would not have guessed you were watching a Filtered Four Matchup. The Untransplantables wiped the floor with Iodinated Contrast in CKD4!

The Untransplantables wins 7-2.

Comments from the BRP:

The Untransplantables: Again, hard choice but it’s their time.

It’s always contrast.

And I still don’t like the name but I do like the concept and the chance for more to have transplants and their doctors to think again.


Ladies and Gentleman, we present

the Left and Right Kidneys!


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