A Mobile App for Estimating Time to ESRD in Children with CKD

Editors’ Note: We are always happy to see the implementation of research published in AJKD. Please see below for a description of a bedside tool developed to help clinicians provide families of children with CKD with estimated progression timelines to facilitate managing and planning future clinical care needs.

Furth et al recently published a landmark article in AJKD that included a chronic kidney disease (CKD) classification system and a 2-D graphic conveying information on expected time to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that was created and validated for use in children. It was designed as a clinically useful tool that would help clinicians at the bedside to anticipate the timing of needed interventions and communicate these to the families of children with CKD.

To encourage more universal access to this tool, and taking into account the increasing popularity of smartphone use and medical apps among health professionals and trainees, our team created a multi-platform mobile app (www.ckdprognosis.com) based on the work of Furth et al. The app works as a calculator that can provide risk classification and time to ESRD in children with CKD after three steps that ask for the eGFR, UPCR, and the type of kidney disease (glomerular or nonglomerular).

Overview of CKD Prognosis app

We hope health professionals will be able to have a timely answer at the bedside regarding their patient’s CKD progression using this practical tool.

– Post prepared by Kayo Henrique Fernandes e Magalhães Santos and Chryso Pefkaros Katsoufis, AJKDBlog Guest Contributors


To view the article by Furth et al (subscription required), please visit AJKD.org.

Title: Estimating Time to ESRD in Children With CKD
Authors: S.L. Furth, C. Pierce, W.F. Hui, C.A. White, C.S. Wong, F. Schaefer, E. Wühl, A.G. Abraham, and B.A. Warady, on behalf of the CKiD, ESCAPE Study Investigators
DOI: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2017.12.011



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