2021 Inductees to the AJKD Reviewer Hall of Fame

In 2017, we began recognizing reviewers who have distinguished themselves by consistently providing insightful, detailed, and valuable input to our authors and our editorial team. We continue the tradition this year by inducting five remarkable reviewers into the AJKD Reviewer Hall of Fame. The editors thank and congratulate these reviewers, all of whom shared why they participate in the peer review process below:


Gregory Hundemer, MD
University of Ottawa

“I firmly believe that peer review is one of the most meaningful contributions that we can provide toward science. Peer review provides new perspectives that both strengthen and ensure the quality of the medical literature that will ultimately help guide medical care for our patients. Plus, on a personal level, it often sparks new ideas and teaches new approaches that make me a better researcher.”


Pascale Khairallah, MD @Khairallah_P
Baylor College of Medicine

“The peer review process is a cornerstone of research ensuring that novel, significant and interesting papers with sound methodology and a clear message are communicated to the medical community. I find the process equally important to guide authors to improve their unpublished manuscripts. Peer review has improved my work as an author and I hope that my contributions to this process are of benefit to the nephrology community.”


Keren Ladin, PhD @KerenLadin
Tufts University

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to participate in the peer review process. Peer review is a pillar of scholarship—it improves the quality of research, public trust, and the integrity of scientific research. My work has benefited from thoughtful peer reviews, and I enjoy the opportunity to pay it forward by offering constructive feedback on their exciting research!”


Devika Nair, MD @devimol
Vanderbilt University

“Being an active participant in peer review is a way to learn firsthand the iterative process required of seeing a manuscript to publication, help colleagues to advance the rigor of their scientific pursuits, and remain informed of ongoing work in areas of your own interest and expertise. Gaining someone else’s perspective is always helpful, and I’ve benefited many times from receiving thoughtful reviews of my own work.”


Sri Lekha Tummalapalli, MD @LTummalapalli
Weill Cornell Medicine

“Peer review is a collaborative process to maximize the rigor and impact of research. By working towards this mutual goal, we can push the boundaries of knowledge and drive the field of nephrology forward.”


Congratulations again to these reviewers! The full list of reviewers in the AJKD Reviewer Hall of Fame is available here.


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