Test Your Knowledge: Hypokalemia

In the September issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Asmar et al summarize a physiologic approach to the treatment of hypokalemia. The following questions will test your knowledge of hypokalemia.

1. Liddle syndrome is characterized by each of the following except:

A. Chronic hypokalemia
B. Hypotension
C. Suppressed serum aldosterone
D. Suppressed plasma renin activity (PRA)
E. Metabolic alkalosis

2. Each of the following is seen as clinical manifestations of hypokalemia except:

A. Arrhythmias
B. Worsening Hypertension
C. Rhabdomyolysis
D. Insulin release
E. Metabolic alkalosis

3. Hypokalemia can be exacerbated by each of the following except:

A. Glucose administration
B. Hypermagnesemia
C. Digitalis
D. Catecholamines
E. Aldosterone

4. Which potassium supplement is preferred in the treatment of hypokalemia in patients without EKG changes and a functional GI tract?

A. Oral potassium chloride (KCL)
B. Oral potassium phosphate (K phos)
C. Intravenous potassium supplementation
D. Oral Potassium bicarbonate

Post prepared by Dr. Inge Schudel, Visiting Scholar, Duke University Medical Center and edited by Dr. Matt Sparks, eAJKD Advisory Board member

To see the answers, please click here.

To view the article abstract or full-text (subscription required), please visit AJKD.org.

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