NephMadness 2015: Second Round Results and the Leaderboards

Let’s review the second round results just before the Regional Finalists are announced in an hour or so. It was a major shake-up at the top of the standings with the seven-way tie being broken-up, leaving rsantamariao all alone in first, with a slim lead over a three way tie for second. Poking into the top 10 is last year’s winner Carlos Machado.

1. rsantamariao with 44 points
2. Ashrock75 with 43 points
2. PAVA_neph with 43 points
2. Kidney1999 with 43 points
5. Michal Melamed with 42 points
6. grahamabra with 41 points
6. kmcgreal with 41 points
6. kumm0012 with 41 points
9. SJHMC Fellowship with 40 points
9. Carlos A. Machado with 40 points
9. gurle002 with 40 points

The following category leaders are from the registration question “Which best describes you?” If you should be on this list but are not, or if you are on one of these lists by mistake go to the bottom of this page for instructions on changing the answer to that registration question (I’m looking at you NYU Nephrology Fellowship).

Top three medical students:

  1. kwinsor37 in 21st place with 37 points
  2. ankitbpatel in 29th place with 36 points
  3. ivanmurrieta in 47th place with 34 points

Top three medical residents:

  1. kna3000 in 16th place with 38 points
  2. calva in 40th place with 35 points
  3. OslerCast in 59th place with 33 points
  4. Dombee in 59th place with 33 points
  5. StotterMD in 59th place with 33 points

Top three fellows:

  1. kmcgreal in 6th place with 41 points
  2. kumm0012 in 6th place with 41 points
  3. nchaudhari01 in 16th place with 38 points
  4. thmehta in 16th place with 38 points

Top three attending:

  1. rsantamariao in 1st place with 44 points
  2. Ashrock75 in 2nd place with 43 points
  3. PAVA_neph in 2nd place with 43 points

The above categories are eligible to win NephMadness prizes. Visit the rules for more information on eligibility.


Top three residency programs:

  1. WBeaubien in 12th place with 39 points
  2. Meraz in 134th place with 30 points
  3. Cardio-renal in 134th place with 30 points

Top three nephrology fellowship programs:

  1. SJHMC Fellowship in 9th place with 40 points
  2. Duke Neph Fellows in 83rd place with 32 points
  3. tariqzayan in 134th place with 30 points

To edit your name go to the NephMadness Tourneytopia Home page and click on “Your Account”

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