NephMadness 2015: Thanks

APOL1 has been crowned the NephMadness champion and the prizes have been7974056_ml handed out. Each year, NephMadness continues to grow and grow. We are grateful for everyone who donated their valuable time and expertise to this project. The success of NephMadnss is directly related to the awesome group that helped put this together.

  • AJKD Editors- Andy Levey, Dan Weiner, and Scott Gilbert for being enthusiastic supporters from the very beginning. Thank you!
  • AJKD Editorial Staff- Liz Bury, Caroline Blanchard, and Nijsje Dorman for editorial assistance and support. As always, the best editorial office in Medicine!
  • 2015 Selection Committee-
    • Andrew House- Heart and Kidney Connection
    • Phyllis August- Obstetric Nephrology
    • Mitch Rosner- OncoNephrology
    • Samir Gupta- ID Nephrology
    • Timmy Lee- Vascular Surgery and Nephrology
    • Lakhmir Chawla- Critical Care Nephrology
    • Allon Friedman- Nutrition in Nephrology
    • Conall O’Seaghdha- Genetic Nephrology
  • 2015 Blue Ribbon Panel-
    • Dan Weiner
    • Scott Gilbert
    • Melanie Hoenig
    • Nancy Adams
    • David Goldfarb
    • Roger Rodby
    • Jeff Berns
  • Blog posts-
    • Barry Freedman on APOL1
    • David Friedman on APOL1
    • S. Ananth Karumanchi on sFlt1 in Preeclampsia
    • Phyllis August on preeclampsia
    • Mitch Rosner on OncoNephrology
    • Sivakumar Ardhanari and Adam Whaley-Connell on Statins in CKD
    • Sivakumar Sridharan on Obesity in ESRD
    • Adrian Covic on ACS in ESRD
    • Bhupinder Singh on the Heart and Kidney Connection
    • Kamran Boka on Early Goal Directed Therapy in Sepsis
    • Jeffrey Zonder on Amyloidosis
    • Jonathan Hogan on Bracketology
    • Claudio Ponticelli on OncoNephrology
    • Bryan D. Hayes on Pip/Tazo toxicity
  • Andrew Malone for help with the Heart and Kidney Connection Region
  • NSMC Interns
    • Chi Chu for the “What Nephrotoxic Antibiotic Are You?” game
    • Hector Madariaga for the Critical Care Region Haiku Deck and the RFN post on obesity and transplant.
    • Scherly Leon for her Twitter promotion
    • Nikhil Shah for his crowd-sourcing efforts of NephMadness
  • Renal and Urology News for promoting NephMadness
  • Pascale Lane for promotion of NephMadness
  • Visible Health for the iPhone and iPad app
  • Medscape for promotion and cross publishing NephMadness content
    • Christine Wiebe
    • Amy Nadel
  • Adam Underwood for the NephMadness logo, and Elsevier and NKF for ad space

Twitter Nephrophiles for great discussion and support of NephMadness.NephMadness Twitter

Thanks for making the 2015 NephMadness Nephrology Educational Initiative a success. We could not have pulled this off without a team like this.

We especially would like to thank everyone who participated in the game. All of the planning, interviews and writing is meaningless without players. Seeing all of the people participate, tweet, and cheer makes the whole endeavor particularly rewarding.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.33.35 PM

Joel Topf, Matt Sparks, Warren Kupin, Edgar Lerma, Paul Phelan, and Kenar Jhaveri
-The NephMadness Team

NephMadness 2015 logo

See the final standings! | For more on NephMadness 2015 | #NephMadness on Twitter

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