NephMadness 2016: The Filtered Four!

We closing in on the champion. The four surviving concepts are:

Representing the Left Kidney:

Conservative Care finally vanquishes BP for Kidney Protection in a definitive 5-2 match.

The Panel Speaks:

We need to wait for SPRINT to help us decide about BP for kidney protection. While conservative care instead of dialysis is difficult phraseology, conservative care probably is not sufficiently emphasized as a true option.

Conservative care is such an important topic as the population ages. Easier said than done, and we have a LONG way to go, but this should be very important going forward.

Normalization of Hemoglobin barely clipped CKD unknown 4-3. Stumbles of the past over the epidemics of today. Our Blue Ribbon Panel works in mysterious ways.

MeN = hot topic

This is a really tough one, MesoAmerican Nephropathy is so interesting (how often do we get new diseases in nephrology), yet the story of hemoglobin targets and how industry repeatedly tried to increase those targets and in the process the targets got lowered, and since ESAs are such a big part of the ESRD budget, I think, while Mesoamerican nephropathy is much sexier, influence wise I have to vote for normalization of Hgb.

Representing the Right Kidney

‘Omics’ Trounced Cocaine 6-1 in the most lopsided match of the Efluent Eight.

In the bottom half of the bracket, Atypical HUS outlasted Pragmatic Trials in double overtime victory 4-3.

Filtered Four:

Conservative care vs Normalization of Hemoglobin


‘Omics’ vs Atypical HUS

filtered 4

For the first time we have reduced our academic regions from 8 to 4.


final four 3

NephMadness 2016

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