Introducing the AJKD Reviewer Hall of Fame

Peer review is the foundation of any journal’s ability to communicate novel and valid scientific discoveries. Over the last year, more than 1,000 reviewers have contributed expert reviews that not only inform the editors’ publishing decisions, but enhance the content and quality of manuscripts submitted to AJKD. A complete list of each year’s reviewers appears in the December issue of the journal.

This year, we begin recognizing those reviewers who have distinguished themselves by consistently providing insightful, detailed, and valuable input to our authors and our editorial team. With deep appreciation, we welcome our inaugural inductees into AJKD’s “Reviewer Hall of Fame”:

Meera N. Harhay, MD
Drexel University
Follow her @MeeraHarhay


Mara McAdams DeMarco, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Follow her @McAdamsDeMarco


Rachel E. Patzer, PhD
Emory University
Follow her @RachelPatzerPhD


Allison Tong, PhD
University of Sydney
Follow her @allisontong1


Delphine S. Tuot, MD
University of California, San Francisco



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