#NephMadness 2024: Logo Reveal

The long wait is over… We are delighted to share the #NephMadness 2024 logo! Many thanks to Graham Gipson @grahamgipsonmd for the design. You might recognize his work from the 2022 or 2023 logos.

SAVE THE DATE: NephMadness will begin on March 1, 2024!

Until then, catch up on NephMadness 2023 content and enjoy the slideshow of past NephMadness logos below:

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NephMadness | #NephMadness | @NephMadness

– NephMadness 2024 Executive TeamMatt Sparks @Nephro_Sparks, Tim Yau @Maximal_Change, Anna Burgner @anna_burgner , Samira Farouk @ssfarouk, Anna Vinnikova @KidneyWars, Elena Cervantes @Elena_Cervants, Michelle Lim @whatsthegfr, and Jeff Kott @jrkott27


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