Top AJKD Blog Posts of 2016

Happy New Year from the AJKD blog team!

ICYMI, we’ve been counting down the Top Ten* blog posts of 2016 over at Facebook and Twitter (side note: like/follow us for daily updates from AJKD). We’ve compiled them here in reverse order, and hope you’re able to catch up on any post that you may have missed when it was originally posted. Happy reading:

10. What Is Crescentic Glomerulonephritis? by Dr. Isaac E. Stillman

9. SPRINT Arrives in the Canadian Hypertension World: The 2016 CHEP Guidelines by Dr. Swapnil Hiremath

8. Membranous Nephropathy in 2016: Or Should We Call It PLA2R-Related Nephropathy? by Dr. Kenar Jhaveri

7. Atlas of Renal Pathology II | Clinical Quiz 5 | Sjögren syndrome by Dr. Tibor Nadasdy

6. Renal Amyloidosis – What We Need to Consider, Practical Tips by Dr. Maria M. Picken

5. AKI Biomarkers vs the Urinalysis: Have We Found the Kidney Troponin? by Drs. Edgar Lerma and Ian Reilly

4. What You Need to Know About Managing a Dialysis Unit and More by Dr. Kenar Jhaveri

3. Test Your Knowledge: Optimal Sodium Bath for Hemodialysis by Dr. Jyotsana Thakkar and Kenar D Jhaveri

2. HIF Away: Roxadustat Has Arrived! by Dr. John W. O’Bell

1. The Gut Microbiome & CKD by Dr. Paul Phelan

Fig 2 from Ramezani et al AJKD, © National Kidney Foundation.

Fig 2 from Ramezani et al AJKD, © National Kidney Foundation.

*Note: The Top Ten posts only include posts that went up in 2016 and do not include the popular NephMadness entries.

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