#KidneyWk 2017 Social Wrap-Up

Kidney Week represents so many things – a time to brush up on knowledge, hear about late breaking information, engage with science and scientists, and so much more. I always leave feeling inspired by what is happening in nephrology. It also represents a time for friends from all corners of the world to meet and see each other in person. As nephrology social media members from various platforms come together, Kidney Week may be the only time/place for collaborators and colleagues to meet and interact face to face. To that end, here’s a review of many of the non-session interactions that occurred during #KidneyWk 2017.


Michelle Rheault (@rheault_m) and Swapnil Hiremath (@hswapnil) lead a NephJC poster tour


AJKD Editor-in-Chief, Harold Feldman, at the AJKD/NKF booth


AJKD Editorial Board Meeting. From left to right: Bea Concepcion (@KidneyBea_n), Timothy Yau (@Maximal_Change), Joel Topf (@kidney_boy), Roger Rodby (@NephRodby), Edgar Lerma (@edgarvlermamd), Gavin Becker, and Matt Sparks (@Nephro_Sparks)


Nephrology Social Media Collective Class of 2017 Graduation. From left to right: Joel Topf, Swapnil Hiremath (@hswapnil), Nathaniel Reisinger (@nephrothaniel), Vanessa Grubbs (@thenephrologist), Bea Concepcion, Gates Colbert (@DoctorGates), Annabel Biruete (@anniebelch), Cathy Quinlan (@KidneyCathy), Matt Sparks


#NephJC Tweetup with various members of the nephrology #SoMe community


NephMadness getting some love at Saturday plenary session.  #NephMadness 2018 coming soon!


AJKD Editorial Board Member Joel Topf receiving the Robert G. Narins Award

A short video made for Joel Topf to congratulate him for winning the award


See you all next year in San Diego for #KidneyWk 2018!

– Post prepared by Dr. Timothy Yau, AJKDBlog Social Media Editor.  Follow him at @Maximal_Change

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