#NephMadness 2020: Call for Topic Suggestions

It may feel like we just wrapped up NephMadness 2019 but we are already looking ahead to NephMadness 2020!

*If you’re still in the dark about NephMadness, watch this short explainer video by  or read NephMadness 101

We love crowdsourced topics, and one suggestion last year even went all the way to the championship round of NephMadness 2019:

We present: HYPERTENSION Region

Want more examples?



Want to see your name in next year’s post? Then send us your ideas for NephMadness 2020 via Twitter with the hashtag #NephMadness. Or submit your feedback by commenting on our Facebook page. If you do not have a social media account, send an email to ajkd@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

If you’re curious which topics have been covered in previous years, check out the NephMadness brackets below (we are not opposed to repeating topics).

Can’t wait to see your suggestions!

NephMadness 2019Full-size 2019 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2018Full-size 2018 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2017Full-size 2017 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2016Full-size 2016 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2015Full-size 2015 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2014 | Full-size 2014 Bracket PDF

NephMadness 2013Full-size 2013 Bracket PDF

NephMadness Champions

The NephMadness Exec Team:

NephMadness | #NephMadness | @NephMadness

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