#NephMadness 2019 Champion: US Hypertension Guideline

On March 15th, we revealed the 32 teams grouped into 8 regions competing in this year’s NephMadness. For the last 3 weeks we have heard from expert after expert on which team should win it all. Today, we reveal the NephMadness 2019 Champion:

US Hypertension Guideline

After the blowouts in the Filtered Four, no one quite knew what to expect in the final game between Team New School and Team US HTN Guideline. It ended up being a very close game that went into not just one overtime, but 3, before Team US HTN Guideline was able to close the deal and win with a last-second jump shot.

US HTN Guidelines wins 5-4.

Comments from BRP:

“Kudos to all the authors, great final.”

“How to choose? New School wins just as a tantalizing opportunity to discover and promote innovation.”

“I’d bet anything HTN Guidelines is going to win. I just cannot get excited about it; a few mm Hg, a few mm Hg there. I just cannot vote for splitting hairs. We need to do something about morbidity and mortality in ESRD, something to help out ESRD patients live longer. Volume kills subtly, indolently, but perniciously. I suppose HTN does too, but we are nephrologists…”


Read more about Team US Guideline in the Hypertension region, and review these expert commentaries:


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US Guideline enters the Court of Champions and joins these teams from previous NephMadnesses:

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